The crux of this Working With Axes is spreading the knowledge. Not in the sense of dissemination but in the sense of a wider range of perspective and input. That’s why anyone getting in on the invitation route, the only route, gets authorship privileges at the same moment. How that works out in practice is the question and I can only hope that it does.
UntitledWe all know this character by now but it should be known to all that he is a figment of imagination this Ernest DuBois. Let me spell it out. When the French version gets translated, with some degree of liberty, to English it comes out in the neighborhood of meaning something like, “Serious About Wood”. For one reason or that other one, at some point I chose to take on this persona, in fact nothing more than a pseudo name, while I was on the internet and it’s a practice that is by now habit to me so it will continue. Anyway, no reason to publicize that other name, that one that’s been with me since the first days, with the brief exception of a high school prank when I became known as Floyd Riggby, it’s there around, easy enough to find for the curious ones. Use it if you prefer or choose to. At times it may even pop up here and there.


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