Hey There Hjärtum, What are You Doing Up There on That Wall and Not Here in My Grubby Hands


Don’t get things all wrong, that’s no wall hanging, it gets its share of use and I like having it at hand. It’s simply that I can’t help making the point again of how much I like these axes. No matter how many other axes I come to or get to hold in my grubby hands they don’t come close to the Hjärtum, axe of axes.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASome might scoff, “Oh yeah, Hjärtumyxa, that’s nothing more than an axe surrounded by an overblown legend, that it cuts through nails, that the annealing always took place behind a locked door with the blinds down over the windows, that it was quenched under a golden shower,” and more. But you know, as true as that all may be – except for cutting unscathed through nails which I have already put to the test – it doesn’t really interest me for it is the way it feels that gives it this certain magnetism when it rests in my hand.


Wille Persson has been quoted saying that he has made probably 50,000 axes at the smid he took over from his master Johan Skog. This figure alone should give us pause for thought. And one of those thoughts might well be, “yes, I wonder what the setting for this kind of output was?” The answer is to be found, it’s out there.


So many questions and you are bound to find so few answers here on my website. Well, it’s not really the nature of these pages if that’s not obvious by now. But the most important answer I can and will provide here, if you haven’t already picked up, lies in that one impressive, staggering really, number out of the mouth of Persson himself. Fifty-thousand axes.

A Skog & A Persson





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