Ĺ Hache

A new handle for an axe  which I came back from the French market with. The old handle was my inspiration. The process in real-time: Bug infested and split, my repair has only delayed what is an inevitability, that is to say, the ash heap. As it sits on my workbench I make the decision … More Ĺ Hache

This is Sharp

I don’t know, I’ve always felt m’self somewhat handicapped when it comes to sharpening. Others seem to do it intuitively and I have to be shown that a true edge has been created and the only way I see it is when there is a good burr run up. One than falls off then in … More This is Sharp


I throw out a simple proposition for consideration, which is to say, what I am about to share is not to be confused with a claim or conviction, necessarily. We look at our broad-axes with a degree of wonder, I’m sure of it, no matter the style we prefer the big hewing  axes have a … More Broadaxes