Lapping:The Corse

Best to take on the unavoidable with conviction. If your blade is new, from the factory, or from the smid if you are privileged, old and of vintage qualities or worth salvaging, the back-side will have to be brought into condition and better done all at once than equivocating, with a continuing problem that in … More Lapping:The Corse

Squaring, Robinia

To put it more straightforwardly, the Robinia pseudoacacia which is a tough tree. For comparison’s sake While it has a rated weight of 750 kg/m3 oak, (Quercus robur) is coming in @ 710 kg/m3, maple @ 640 kg/m3, pine 540kg/m3, spruce 460 and so on and so on as far as you want to go … More Squaring, Robinia

Squaring Larch

This working station has gotten itself a bit over-grown but I am here to alter that condition from under-use into a hub of woodworking production, with materials waiting in the wings and even some set up ready to come under the axes edges. The Larch, a needle leafed tree that turns yellow and bare-branched in … More Squaring Larch


It’s what you can get when you make a big stink. This all came up at a particular time, begin of the summer-time and I had contact with Peter Maas, Duits tool smid to the south of Hamburg. Anyway, to make a short story from a long one we got together and I ended up … More Dumstorfer